ABL/Factor Alliances to Eliminate Subordinate Debt and Put Lenders in First Position

Over-leveraged companies in need of factoring/ABL facilities won’t qualify for terms when assets or receivables are encumbered by a host of secured and subordinate debt.

An Alliance with R K ENTERPRISES will reorganize your target entity, removing all subordinate liens and obligations while putting you in first position to lend.

Over the past ten years, R K ENTERPRISEShas conducted thousands of reorganizations in the distressed space. Through a single, frictionless transaction, we preserve the full ongoing concern value and continuity of operations of a distressed business while eliminating all subordinate debt. For the ABL or factoring professional, we deliver back a pristine, debt-free enterprise in 45 to 60 days.

For alternative lending professionals, R K ENTERPRISES turns untransactable deals into great situations. Ask us how.

Our charge for this is 25$- 5000$ depending on scope of work


Learn how a strategic alliance with R K ENTERPRISES will put you in first position and scale your deal flow.

Alternative Lenders—Eliminate Debt and Assume First Position

In this article, you will learn how the subordinate debt schedule can be eliminated in a single, streamlined transaction that will create a pristine, transactable entity in 45-60 days—putting you in first position to lend against the entire collateral base.

What Will an Alliance  do for you? Find Out More.

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