What We're About

R K ENTERPRISES Consultants was founded on a single core belief: that better solutions exist for owners, sellers and business transactionalists across the entire business landscape R K ENTERPRISES .

Our Mission

Solutions for all businesses. Not just the few.

Our mission is to create value in times of growth and preserve value in times of distress—for any business. Our solutions are driven by a core belief that there is a better way, and that advisory expertise is too important to remain the exclusive domain of only the largest corporations.

A better way, in times of growth.

For too long, elite management or turnaround services have been staked in hourly fees that are prohibitive for all but the largest corporations. Consulting structured as a partnership is staked in success—not hourly fees—and is accessible to every business.

A better way, in times that challenge.

Reorganizational techniques that can eliminate debt and preserve business value have been the exclusive domain of only the largest enterprises. All other businesses have been bound by the limited and irrational options of incurring further debt or facing the destruction of business value through bankruptcy.

R K ENTERPRISES does not accept the proposition that only the largest of businesses are “too big to fail.” Whether you’re a small business person or a CEO navigating the variables of a complex organization, the preservation of value, jobs and economic activity is not only a better way, it’s a moral obligation.

A better way to stimulate the economy.

We continually perfect business solutions driven by a mission to create efficiencies in the business investment space, generate pristine opportunities for alternative lenders, and preserve clients for trusted advisors. An alliance with R K ENTERPRISES lets you discover opportunities where most see impossibilities, and further stimulates economic activity, growth and employment by result.

The utilities sector performed well as measured against the S&P 500 in 2018. One factor in this outperformance is the safe harbor effect resulting from expectations of economic slowdown, combined with reasonable valuations and a favorable regulatory environment. Demand for utilities continues to display inelasticity, while investment demand remains countercyclical and will be negatively impacted by an uptick in global economic activity as a whole.

We are driven by a sense of mission and a belief that there is a better way.

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Giving Thanks By Giving Back

R K ENTERPRISES Consultants gives back in many ways—by giving our team members time to support the causes they believe in, by volunteering time to nonprofit projects, and by donating money to charities.

In the past, we have partnered with the following organizations to create meaningful change in our communities.

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